Justice League Teaser Released!

Teaser Talk

  • Return of the Written Posts!
  • Just a little while ago (while I was sitting at Panera, no less), the first trailer to Justice League dropped!
  • We got a Wonder Woman trailer too and maybe I’ll talk about that, but overall, I really like this first glimpse at Justice League.
  • This movie doesn’t even come out until November 2017, but I’m happy that Zack Snyder and DC were confident enough to drop this over a year in advance of the movie.
  • And though I’m one of the few who really enjoyed Batman v. Superman, I still didn’t think it was a perfect movie and I thought there was more fun to be had in the DC Universe.
    • It’s fine to have a dark tone, but have fun within that dark tone.
  • Suicide Squad looks dark but fun, and so does Justice League.
  • I like that Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is trying to assemble the Justice League, but he’s pretty unsuccessful.
  • What this teaser does is just introduce all the members of the team and that’s perfect.
  • We want to see these actors, but not get any plot details just yet.
  • Just show us the actors and characters.
  • That’s what this teaser does, the music shows that they seem to be having fun in marketing this movie, Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller) added the humor that I hoped this movie would have.
  • Overall guys, I was impressed by this first teaser for Justice League and look forward to seeing more!
  • Watch the trailer for yourselves right here and let me know what you think down below!

[News originally surfaced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016]



EDITORIAL: Is the DC Cinematic Universe in Trouble?


  • Hey guys!
  • So in the past few months, we’ve heard a LOT about this DC Cinematic Universe, especially after the release of Batman v. Superman.
  • I was actually a fan of Batman v. Superman, there were certainly things about it that didn’t work, but overall I thought it was pretty cool and a solid start to the universe.
  • That being said, I was super excited for Suicide Squad and The Flash and Justice League…
  • But in the past month, even just this past week, there’s been a lot of news that makes me wonder: is the DC Cinematic Universe in Trouble?
  • I think the answer is yes.
  • Now granted, I’m just a kid living in Boston. I know nothing!
  • But these are the indicators that make me a little nervous for the production of the upcoming DC Universe movies…
  • And here’s why!

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Batman v. Superman “Unmasking” Clip Revealed!

Scene Review

  • Woo that was intense!
  • Was this as good as the trailer that came out of Comic Con? No.
  • Was this still a very tense, very well built-up scene from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Yes.
  • That’s probably my favorite part is that it isn’t even a trailer, it’s a 50-second TV spot.
  • I’m told that there is a new trailer dropping in a couple of days, but ultimately I thought this was a really well done clip that I enjoyed a lot.
  • I liked seeing a tense, well-shot SCENE from the movie.
  • I’m curious especially as to who the other chained-up prisoners are in the cell with Bruce, and of course how that unmasking scene ends.
  • But check out the clip for yourselves here and comment your thoughts down below!

Batman v. Superman Comic-Con Trailer Review


  • Okay, so last year when the 30 second teaser for this movie dropped at Comic-Con, I was like “yeah that looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see more.”
  • Then earlier this year when the first teaser dropped, I was like “ehh, it looks really flashy and kinda sloppily thrown together… The next one had better impress be awesome.”
  • And folks, I can successfully tell you that this trailer not only met, not only surpassed, but obliterated my expectations.
  • I can now say I am 100% on board for Batman v. Superman.

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Review


  • And unfortunately this will probably be the last post I get done until next week, but I hope it’s a good one for you guys!
    • Superhero Directors, Better Call Saul, and some new release movie will all be reviewed at the end of next week.
  • But without further ado, Batman v. Superman!

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