Batman v. Superman Comic-Con Trailer Review


  • Okay, so last year when the 30 second teaser for this movie dropped at Comic-Con, I was like “yeah that looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see more.”
  • Then earlier this year when the first teaser dropped, I was like “ehh, it looks really flashy and kinda sloppily thrown together… The next one had better impress be awesome.”
  • And folks, I can successfully tell you that this trailer not only met, not only surpassed, but obliterated my expectations.
  • I can now say I am 100% on board for Batman v. Superman.

Trailer Talk

  • So the goal of a trailer is to kinda give you a little bit of insight as to what the movie is about, and that’s where this trailer succeeds and the teaser trailer failed.
  • I loved when this trailer opened and you can see Superman is being called out by the government for all the stuff that happened in Man of Steel.
  • We all knew he was gonna get called out but I thought it seemed too cliché in the teaser when it was just these random citizens calling him out.
  • Now it’s the government, we’re seeing repercussions I love that.
  • And then enter Bruce Wayne, who is awesome for his first scene in this trailer.
  • You see what kind of guy this is, you see he’s committed to helping those around him, you see he means well, he wants to save that little girl, and he has reasons to hate this alien that destroying a city and putting everybody in danger.
  • Originally I thought they were gonna do that premise, only it would be in “Man of Steel 2” which this movie was originally going to be.
    • Now that we get to see it, and the fact that they’ll make both Batman and Superman look like heroes (not Batman as the antihero) excites me even more.
  • Possibly my favorite shot, or definitely at least my second favorite, was the one where you just see Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne looking up at the monster that’s doing this to him, that’s great.
  • And then you get to see the Batcave which looks as cool if not cooler than the Batcave from the Dark Knight Movies.
  • It’s a very comic-book-esque Batcave, it’s technologically advanced but still has the cave elements, where the Dark Knight movies did have technology in them but you always think to yourself, “one little cave rumble and that whole place is gone…”
  • No, here you can tell it’s like Batman’s Fortress of Solitude, it looks like a really cool Bruce Wayne/Batman hang-out and gear-up spot. I love it!
  • And Jeremy Irons as Alfred I was originally sold on, but I thought it would be sad not to have Michael Caine back.
  • But this trailer showed more that Alfred didn’t look like just a butler and knowledgeable mentor to Bruce, but he looks like a guy who’s seen some trouble himself, kinda like the Gotham Alfred (at least in the first four episodes of Gotham I can speak for, cuz I gave up on that show after the Balloonman…)
  • You see that Wayne Manor looks so decrepit too, not only is Batman older but everything in his life is older too. Consistency!
  • I loved that Batman is getting heat for Superman’s actions too, which will undoubtedly force him into a battle against Superman. Because the trailer showed you, he was trying to help! But then people are writing on his newspapers saying what a coward both Bruce and Batman are. It’s about to get real.
  • And then that feeds into the Alfred monologue from the teaser and this trailer which makes so much more sense now!
    • Because Bruce is getting heat for something he didn’t do, it’s gonna turn that good man cruel!
  • And that shot of Bruce pulling the whip-weight things… Wow.
  • Then ultimately we move into a lot of Superman stuff, and a lot of second act (what I assume to be second act at least) stuff from the movie.
  • So I liked that Superman is judging Batman as much as Batman is judging Superman, but they both have their different reasons which is really interesting to see the comparisons on.
  • Then Jesse Eisenberg for me man… That’s where the trailer lost some of its steam.
  • I feel like something in this movie will turn him into the Lex Luthor we know because in this trailer he still felt cartoony.
  • I’m sure he has reasons to be mad at Superman, but if he wasn’t in this trailer I would’ve said 100% this is the best trailer I’ve seen in months.
  • The fact that he drags it down to 99%… Well I guess that’s still an A+ percentage.
  • And I said from the beginning that the casting of Eisenberg felt weird, I said a trailer could change my mind, I said the actual movie could change my mind. So in fairness, we haven’t seen the movie yet, he could end up being my favorite part of the movie. I hope!
  • But as for this trailer… Nah.
  • I did like seeing General Zod’s body though, hopefully that will lead to Doomsday like we’ve all been hearing about and speculating on.
  • And the quick shot we got of that Batsuit with Joker writing on it felt like the coolest easter egg to the standalone Batman I’ve ever seen…
  • And from there on, I LOVED the action montages through the rest of trailer.
  • Even if this trailer gave away a ton of the movie’s plot and spoilers, at least don’t show all the action.
  • And I don’t think they did, they went through it pretty quickly.
  • But my three favorites are the ones I’ll touch on the most.
  • The first of my favorites was when we saw the Wayne family flashback. I can’t wait to see that in the actual film, I bet it’s gonna be shot really well, I love seeing that it plays a heavy role in Bruce’s life. The use of a flashback almost portrays that better than an origin story would, it just shows the weight of it on a present day Batman.
  • Then my second favorite was the Wonder Woman scene. Wonder Woman looks GREAT. Her powers looks even better than that. I was kinda shaky of whether they could separate all these superheroes’ powers from each other or not, but they already have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman differentiated which is great so far. Her forcefield energy blasts look sick and she looks like a force to be reckoned with.
  • And of course my third favorite of the action sequences and possibly my favorite shot in the trailer is seeing Superman and Batman standing on the Batmobile, knowing that everything is about to hit the fan.
  • Ultimately, this trailer was almost 4 minutes long and I usually hate it when a trailer is longer than 2:30, but this one felt like it was between 2 minutes and 2:30.
  • This trailer showed me the cool plot that this movie has, it shows where each character is coming from, it shows you how the conflict may develop throughout the movie, then it shows you some great action that overall got me absurdly excited for this movie.
  • Going in pretty uncertain, I can now say I am thoroughly excited for Batman v. Superman and it doesn’t look overcrowded at all. From just this trailer!
  • I know there are people out there who were losing their minds about this movie already, so they probably all turned to stone after they saw this trailer!
  • The initial teaser for Batman v. Superman felt choppy, it felt cheesy, it felt flashy, but everything in this trailer fixed every part of that.
  • This trailer felt crisp, it felt real and realistic, it felt like it was such a solidly put together trailer and it’s one of my favorite trailers in a long time.
  • That’s why I spent 1500 words talking about it in probably my longest Trailer Review ever!
  • They just can’t put out like four more trailer after this though… One more, MAYBE two at most but now let’s just wait for the movie!


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Official Comic-Con Trailer of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. What are your guys thoughts on this trailer, and are you more excited for the movie now or just as excited before? I can’t imagine anyone is less excited… But in any case, let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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