Paper Towns Review


  • Luckily this movie came out the same weekend Pixels did.
  • Cuz luckily there’s now only one horrendous movie out and at least 2 great movies.

  • So Paper Towns is the newest movie adaption from novelist John Green’s books. The first one was The Fault in Our Stars which came out last year.
  • And if any of you guys read my Fault in Our Stars Review, you’ll see that I didn’t have high hopes going in but came out loving it.
  • It’s a little too soon to say I loved Paper Towns more than TFIOS, but I definitely love them close to equally.
  • Oh man, this is a great movie!
  • The premise of Paper Towns is that it’s about this guy Q who’s always had a crush on the girl across the street Margo. One night, the two go on this revenge plot that Margo has cooked up for some of her disloyal friends, but then she goes missing after their night of fun… So what happened to her?
  • That’s the GENERAL premise though. There’s actually a lot going on in this movie to love.
  • And I’ll say this: the movie does start out a little clunky.
  • You’re watching it and you’re like, “aw man… Is this gonna be like The Duff or something?”
  • Now I actually thought The Duff was a really good and really fun movie, but it was SO clichéd and cheesy beyond belief.
  • The first (I’d say) ten to fifteen minutes have kind of a cheesy factor and the pacing is a little off.
  • But then when you’ve been introduced to all the characters and you start to get to know them more, that’s when you REALLY are into the movie and you really start to connect with it.
  • The adventure aspect between Q and Margo is a really fun starting-point to the movie, and that’s the part that hooked me.
  • Let’s talk about those characters first though.
  • Q is probably my favorite new character that I’ve seen in a movie so far this year. And some people can watch this movie and say that he’s kinda generic. And yeah, okay.
  • When the movie starts off Q is a bit generic. But what I loved is that this movie is the story of Q and you see him develop. It’s really a character-driven movie and it’s cool seeing his character go through these changes as you go.
  • Nat Wolfe is awesome in this movie, he was great in Fault in Our Stars and he was even better in Paper Towns. You’re gonna see this guy around for a long time.
  • Now Margo is kinda an interesting aspect… The whole draw in this movie is that Q is just head-over-heels in love with Margo, but they don’t set her up super well.
  • You can see that the two had this past, but I wish there were one or two extra scenes that just showed how she stayed so awesome over the years in Q’s eyes. Her character is just kinda put before you without a TON of setup.
  • That being said, I thought Cara Delevingne was a great choice to play Margo. She kinda reminded me of Emma Stone in Easy A meets Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She has tons of projects ahead of her and I’m glad to see that she deserves them.
  • The two also had this really good chemistry, you can tell they worked really well together because the two characters were so good together.
  • Then we’ll talk about Q’s friends, because these supporting roles were either make or break to the entire movie. Q has two friends (Ben and Radar, I think?) and these guys are huge players for ¾ of the movie.
  • Luckily, the actors playing them are cartoonish in a fun way. Like they’re the cartoony friends that you have in high school, which works really well.
  • The dynamic between these guys was so good, it reminded me of the chemistry between the American Pie guys.
  • And then probably my favorites in the movie was this actress Halston Sage playing Lacey, the popular girl who’s friends with Margo but ultimately becomes friends with Q’s group also.
  • She was the show-stealer for me. She brought the emotion and the likability. There are points where I would even argue that she was more likable than Margo!
  • But seriously, if anybody, Halston Sage is the actor from Paper Towns that you are going to be seeing a LOT more of really soon.
  • And speaking of that emotion that Lacey brings, let’s talk about the feels in this movie.
  • This movie isn’t a sob-fest like Fault in Our Stars but it certainly has its moments.
  • I’ll say this: the third act of this movie is going to feel like a cop-out to some people. I’m in high school, so maybe I appreciated more so what it was going for, but I really enjoyed the third act and thought it was presenting a very beautiful message in a way that we haven’t really been told it before.
  • Sure some of the dialogue can come off as a bit pretentious, but overall this movie had its wits and it was an extremely heartfelt story.
  • And yeah, there were some conveniences in the movie. There were things that were like, “oh yeah the parents let the kids go on a road trip by themselves. Okay…”
  • But in conclusion guys, Paper Towns had so much to love about it.
  • As of now, I don’t think I can say I liked it more than The Fault in Our Stars but this movie was heartfelt, it had this fun and stylish direction, it had great acting, it had relatable characters, it was a lot of fun, it had a great theme and it was just a great time to watch.
  • Sure it had its conveniences, occasional pretentious dialogue and some slight predictability/clunkiness but this is a movie that combines a lot of my favorite elements from The Way, Way Back and American Pie.
  • And I will definitely say that Paper Towns is Awesome and Worth Checking Out Multiple Times.
  • There’s this fantastic cameo in the movie too. That gas station scene man… It had me laughing out loud.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Paper Towns! What are your guys thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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