Captain America: Civil War Trailer Review


  • There is only one movie I’m currently looking forward to more than Star Wars. And that is CIVIL WAR!!!!
  • I’m a fan of the graphic novel, I love the premise of Iron Man as an antagonist, I can’t wait to see Spider-Man and Black Panther among others, yet still remain a Captain America Standalone. So naturally I’m excited.
  • And we just got our first trailer for Civil War, and it looks pretty sweet!

Trailer Talk

  • Honestly guys, there was a lot to like in this trailer.
  • I really enjoyed that this felt like a sequel to The Winter Soldier and how the Russo Brothers’ flavor was still in there.
  • That made me feel like it was still a Captain America movie, and the focus would be on Cap and Bucky despite all these other characters making appearances.
  • Speaking of other characters, my favorite line in the trailer (and many other peoples’ favorite line) is, “he’s my friend.” “So was I.”
  • I love that Tony Stark has that antagonizing role, but still isn’t the main villain.
  • You understand where he’s coming from and that’s exactly what I want from this movie. For Tony Stark to be the villain you understand and sympathize with.
  • I was surprised to see Black Panther in the trailer. I was expecting we’d see Ant-Man or Vision, but I guess Black Panther took the “gasp” moment of a new character appearing. Plus those two may have taken away from the “war-like” vibe of the trailer.
  • Speaking of the war-like vibe, I thought it was fitting that we saw Rhodey lying on the ground.
  • We’re all like, “oh my God, maybe he’s dead…!”
  • It shows that there’s stakes, and that’s important in this.
  • Another important theme in this trailer was friendship and the lines between friends and enemies. And the most important scene in the trailer was watching Captain America and Bucky just beat down Iron Man and that was insane to watch.
  • So overall, I really liked this trailer, there was a lot to like. It wasn’t the greatest trailer of all time, I still liked the final Star Wars trailer more and that Batman v. Superman trailer more.
  • But Captain America: Civil War is my most anticipated movie for the coming year and it’s awesome to finally see a trailer for it.

But what did you guys think of this trailer? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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