Room Review


  • No not “The Room…”
  • Room is a new movie starring Brie Larson and 9 year-old actor Jacob Tremblay.
  • In this movie Ma (Larson) and Jack (Tremblay) are stuck in this “room” and 5 year-old Jack has been raised believing that nothing exists outside of the room.
  • And this movie is humble, personal, and deep. Oh yeah, and great!

  • Now I’m gonna tell you guys right off the bat why you should buy a ticket to this movie: Jacob Tremblay.
  • The best decision this movie makes (and I don’t know if the book does it or not) is to tell the story through Jack’s perspective.
  • So essentially, you’re experiencing this experience the way he was. Sometimes that’s angry, confusing, innocent or all of them in one. And this kid is INCREDIBLE in the movie.
  • Speaking of incredible, the beautiful Brie Larson plays Jack’s mother or “Ma” and this is her best performance to date.
  • Depending on how they campaign, Brie Larson could WIN either Best Actress OR Best Supporting Actress. It’s her choice on which she wants to take home.
  • The directing of this movie too is BEAUTIFUL.
  • From before the first shot of the movie, you can tell this thing is special.
  • What I mean by that is when it comes up with “A24 presents” they have the text, but before they list the next production company, there’s a rough shot of the room there. It’s meant to be very jarring, like the first half of this movie.
  • And director Lenny Abrahamson has a shot at a Best Director nomination.
  • There was a point in the movie about 30 minutes in where I noticed, “oh hey, the dialogue is brilliant in this movie.”
  • Usually the dialogue is the first thing I notice, even before directing, but this movie felt so genuine and real that I didn’t even pick up on the fact that these weren’t real conversations.
  • The one problem I have with the movie is that we get about halfway in and it goes from GREAT to good.
  • By that, I mean that the plot starts to meander a little bit and you don’t quite know where it’s going.
  • It still remains good and personal, but it doesn’t have that same lasting impact as the first half.


  • But in conclusion guys, Room is an excellent film that will surely be campaigned for a lot of Oscars and hopefully win a lot of Oscars.
  • It reminded me a lot of a better version of Boyhood, but also had elements of Prisoners and even Still Alice a little bit.
  • It’s a personal movie, it’s an impactful movie, it’s a well-acted, well-shot, and mostly well-written movie.
  • And I will say Room is Awesome and Worth Checking Out Multiple Times.
  • It almost landed the 5/5, but that second half was just a little too unfocused… :l


So guys, those are my thoughts on Room! What are your thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it (in one of the few theaters it’s playing in…)? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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