The Night Before Review


  • Jeez, out of the 10 posts I’ve done so far this month, this is the 8th movie review!
  • That is dedication guys, but November has also been a very good movie month!
  • And I’ve still got a TV Review of Jessica Jones coming your way tomorrow…
  • But until then…
  • “The Night Before” is a new comedy from the guys who brought you This Is The End, Neighbors, and The Interview.
  • And it’s centered on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character who’s kinda down-on-his-luck. He and his girlfriend just broke up, he doesn’t have a steady job. But it’s the holidays and that’s the time he always spends with his good buddies Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie!
  • Then shenanigans ensue and we have our movie!

  • So the first thing that I liked about this movie is the cast.
  • JGL worked well, Seth Rogen worked well, Anthony Mackie worked well. And even more so, their chemistry all together is absolutely fantastic. It’s kinda love-hate at times, but they all act like man-child friends.
  • The supporting cast is hilarious in this movie too, I loved Seth Rogen’s wife played by Jillian Bell. She gets funnier after each movie I see her in. Lizzy Caplan was great as JGL’s love interest, and Anthony Mackie’s mom was super funny too.
  • They had some legit cameos in this movie too. I laughed out loud at more than a couple.
  • Speaking of laughing, this movie was really funny too!
  • There were definitely some jokes that didn’t hit, but the ones that did kept me entertained the whole way through.
  • I’ll say that there were some weird tone changes in some places though. The movie had a good message in that friends always stick together, but there were one or two points where the guys would get in a random fight that felt uncalled for.
  • In saying that, the movie definitely could have been about 10 minutes shorter too.
  • I get that these comedies are already short, but even 5 minutes off would have made The Night Before flow a bit better. They could cut off some of those tone shifts.
  • The movie had a really sweet ending though, like I felt as though these characters became better people over the course of this gross-out comedy. And that’s always good!
  • So in conclusion, The Night Before has a lot of hilarious moments. It’s nothing new but it does its job effectively. The cast worked well together, I liked everyone’s chemistry.
  • There were some tonal shifts that the movie could have done without and still told the same message, and I think about 5-10 could have been cut.
  • The movie did its job though, it kept me entertained, and I will say that The Night Before is a Good Time and Definitely Worth Checking Out.
  • Better than The Interview, but just beneath Neighbors on my Seth Rogen ranker!


So guys, those are my thoughts on The Night Before! What are your thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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