Jessica Jones Review


  • Alright guys, we end a busy month of Movie Reviews on My Movie Thoughts with a TV Show Review!
  • And that TV Show is Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
  • Jessica Jones centers on a former superhero and current private investigator (Jessica Jones…) as she comes back into contact with a familiar face from her past.
  • And this show is dark, twisted, depressing, and brilliant all rolled into one.


  • So in Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter plays Jessica Jones and Jessica is a fascinating character.
  • She definitely isn’t a likeable character, but that’s what makes her intriguing. She’s not a reluctant hero either. If anything, she’s a tragic hero from ancient literature.
  • She has this horrible journey thrust upon her and she needs to deal with it. And that journey might make her a bit unlikeable…
  • Krysten Ritter completely owned this character and I liked her as Jessica Jones more than I liked (or disliked?) her as Jane in Breaking Bad.
  • Then we have David Tennant as Kilgrave aka The Purple Man aka The Big Bad.
  • David Tennant as Kilgrave is one of the most impressive villains I have seen in a LONG time. Because, ultimately, this guy has one of the most violating powers that anyone could have.
  • He says something and you do it. He’s like the Simon Says of villains.
  • And David Tennant plays him as this methodical, sociopathic, suave yet brooding gentleman. He kinda reminded me of Kevin Spacey in Seven, but more than anything like the more intense Joe Carroll from The Following, but with mind control.
  • The supporting cast was awesome too. Luke Cage was in it just enough, Trish Walker was Jessica’s best friend and I loved their bond (especially as seen in flashbacks), and characters like Malcolm and Jeri were used well and crucially.
  • There was this one neighbor character who could be a bit annoying, but I understood that she was just that way to be real. Nevertheless, she did annoy me…
  • And there was one character some people may have had problems with, but he was ultimately being set up as the Crossbones of this show.
  • But after all the characters are set up, that’s when the show becomes even better.
  • The show, after setting up, goes into heavy story but does it with aces.
  • The show starts in a perfect place, where Jessica Jones is done with being a superhero. She’s got powers, but she’s a broken human being, and you see why as the show goes on.
  • And as the show goes on, you learn more about Kilgrave and the vile nature of his powers and why Jessica is after him.
  • This show, overall, is ultimately a brilliant noir about Jessica Jones tracking down Kilgrave, but it’s also a story of moral ambiguity in regards to Kilgrave and how he uses his powers.
  • That use of powers elevates the story in later episodes to subplots like that of Saw or Seven (like I mentioned earlier).
  • And the whole show doesn’t feel like a “Marvel comic adapation.” If anything, it feels more like a Vertigo comic.
  • And it’s not really a superhero show either. It’s a dark drama about temptation, power, and helplessness.
  • Sure Jessica, Luke, and Kilgrave have powers but that’s all for plot. When the plot transcends the story, the story transcends into themes and those themes are just heavy in looking at life…
  • Despite how heavy the show is in retrospect, it’s a thrilling ride the entire way through and is something that I absolutely couldn’t get enough of.
  • I will get back to Daredevil (I PROMISE) but Jessica Jones hooked me on its originality right off the bat. (A P.I. who used to be a superhero? Sure. A great villain who’s introduced right away? Sure. Tons of other extremely compelling subplots and smart dialogue? Sure.)
  • My only flaw with this show (other than that annoying neighbor) is that it definitely does not appeal to everyone.
  • As I’ve said, this is a dark and depressing show with very heavy themes and some very mature material.
  • I could definitely see how some people could also be bored by the lack of action since this show is all about the power of words, or how the noir tone could turn some people off.
  • But none of those detracted from my enjoyment of the show.
  • So when I rate this show, it’s my own rating, not the rating that you would give it.
  • Keep that in mind when I remind you that I found Jessica Jones extremely compelling, morally thought-provoking and tonally smart beyond any flaws.
  • Because, to me personally, Jessica Jones is… A 5/5.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the new Netflix and Marvel show Jessica Jones! I know not everyone will love this show like I did, so leave me your thoughts in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


One thought on “Jessica Jones Review

  1. Personally I found this series crimimally overrated. The characters are one dimensional and they are brought up only when they are convenient. The only character who seemed to have developed at all was Malcolm and maybe Luke. It felt like any given episode they could go the whole time without even seeing any of the main characters except Kilgrave and Jessica. There was no attempt at comedy which makes it hard for the average viewer to watch 13 one hour episodes. All that doesn’t even mention the weird sideplot with the lesbian lawyers that was completely irrelevant but got brought back every episode. This was honestly a forgettable series for me, I don’t think I would watch another season.

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