Ant-Man Review


  • This is gonna sound super obscure, but this movie reminded me of the planning scene from Guardians of the Galaxy (where they’re planning out the final attack) mixed with Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man.
  • Yeah… That!


  • So Ant-Man is the newest Marvel movie about the relatively unknown Marvel superhero Ant-Man.
  • In this movie, Scott Lang is this criminal who got thrown in prison for burglarizing a couple places, but ultimately he’s a good guy who means well.
  • And Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, has been scouting Scott to be his Ant-Man successor and to ultimately take down this organization that’s been exploiting Pym’s work.
  • And ultimately it blends humor with action with Marvel references and has these great characters that make the movie flow.

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Marvel Announces Tom Holland as MCU Spider-Man!


  • Some of my friends have asked me, “John, why haven’t you done a post on the Spider-Man casting!?”
    • Well because if I did, I would have been wrong like three times… (I still think Ansel Elgort would have been awesome…)
  • After months upon months of speculation, and rumors and “confirmations” and even more rumors and “confirmations,” Marvel and Sony have finally cast their new Spider-Man and he is: Tom Holland!
  • And they have Jon Watts directing.
  • So, let’s talk about it because I love Spider-Man and I’m a fan of this.

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