Moonlight Review

There are a lot of films released nowadays that are victims of far too much hype. I remember in the past year alone, Deadpool and Finding Dory were two perfectly adequate films that I liked. However, going in, I had been told that these were “the greatest films ever!” and “movies you’re never going to forget!” With those heightened expectations, I went in and was disappointed when I found each to only be “okay…”

Moonlight has been similarly hyped. Though often times it occurs with blockbusters, Oscar movies can fall victim to this syndrome as well. (Spotlight and The Revenant were two from last year, in my own personal opinion.) Given all of the awards and a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, I was somewhat nervous going into Moonlight. But don’t be fooled, this ISN’T one of those cases.

Moonlight is an emotional, well-crafted, important film for this year.

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