A Fourth of July Update

Today I was going to watch (for the first time) and review Independence Day, but I had some stuff going on so maybe next year!

But in the past couple of days I’ve been getting a higher amount of views on the site, and though I’d just explain my four-day absence. For the future, it isn’t unusual for me to just go off the grid for a couple days, I haven’t been kidnapped, I just have things to do!

When I first started the website up, I already had about five or six articles written and ready to publish to actually get it going, but getting out an article a day is just not doable for the future, especially when I start school again. I will try to post one or two articles every week though. As for now, you can expect many more posts in the coming weeks, which I’ll get to, but first a brief message about my writing style.

When I first, initially started the site, I was trying to write at least a little formally, but then I disintegrated completely into my normal dialect which can be hard to decipher for some. In the future, the posts will resemble the language in this update post (which you’re probably going back to re-read now and notice the better structure).

And the rating system I’ll touch on too, because that’s changing again! If you’ll remember, I did a post a couple weeks ago saying that I would be scoring movies and shows out of 5, with 5 being a masterpiece and 1 being feces. Well I’ve considered changing that again to a sentence based system, which I already have worked out, but I’m somewhat indifferent on the matter… I do like the out of 5 system because it’s very definitive, but it also just seems like one number that sums up a 600-800 word review. The sentence-based system I like too, but it doesn’t allow much room for TV shows… Guys, whatever YOU think I should do, let me know down below, seriously! I’d love feedback from you guys and the advice in this case would be great, whichever you prefer.

And now I suppose I’ll discuss what I’m watching now, and what reviews you all should look for in the future. I was hesitant of doing this because in the past I’ve promised release dates of things, or said, “I’ll have it done by such day,” and that never happens. But without the specific date of the review, I’ll tell you what I’m watching or what reviews to expect.

Reviews Coming Soon…

Friends (TV series) Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

The Social Network Review

The Departed Review

Bates Motel Season One Review

Bates Motel Season Two Review

The Following Season One Review

The Following Season Two Review

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season One Review

Hawaii Five-0 Seasons One to Four Review

Modern Family Seasons One to Five Review

Things I’m Watching or Will Watch

Fargo (the show), which is actually the first show a fan recommended to me, so I’m trying to fit it in!

24: Live Another Day, which I saw the first three episodes of, but really need to catch up on, and if I do, I’ll get you guys the review after it wraps next week!

Futurama, which I am halfway through Season 2 of, and you shouldn’t expect the full show review for at least a month or so. I’ve realized that shows like Dexter and How I Met Your Mother, if you say after four seasons, “this is the best show ever!” then you could be mistaken later on… So I wait til I’ve finished the full load.

The Newsroom, which I just finished Episode Two of, and will review season by season.

House of Cards, which I just watched the Pilot of, and think is quite interesting.

Orange is the New Black, which I’ve started and stopped twice now. I need to get back into it for the third time and actually go through the end of Season 2. I’m almost done with Season 1.

But that’s about it for now, it seems like a lot, but hey, challenge accepted, right? What can I say, I’m a nerd with stuff to do…  Don’t expect all of these reviews, ya know, tomorrow?  Give me time, you’ll begin to see them in the next week or so I’ll start knocking them out, and then I’ll bet all of the first list and half of the second list done before the end of the summer…


So guys, that’s a quick Fourth of July update for you all! On an unrelated note, I was on Facebook today (weird right?) and saw this cool fan-made poster for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I didn’t make it, but I thought it was cool and you guys would enjoy it, so you can see it down below!  Other than that, any suggestions for what I should add to this list, and any advice on a definite rating system, let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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