Emmy Thoughts 2014

Alright, I’m gonna try and collect my thoughts as best I can here typing.

Anyway, the Emmys were last night and the winners have taken home their trophies and now… Well, I’m still a bit underwhelmed.

I’ll start by saying that throuhg most of the night I was very pleased.  I really enjoyed Seth Meyers hosting and I thought almost all of the recipients of the awards were completely deserving.  There were two things that I was surprised at, and I’ll start with the easier one. I’m kinda shocked True Detective didn’t win more awards. Sure it won Outstanding Directing in a Drama, but that was it! I thought Matthew McConaughey would win Outstanding Lead Actor, because Breaking Bad would sweep the other categories. It turns out Bryan Cranston won Outstanding Lead Actor. Okay, whatever, he was awesome as Heisenberg, in fact I watched a couple of the episodes just before the Emmys started and they still were some of my favorite television episodes EVER. I guess I was just taken by a surprise a show as extraordinary as True Detective was not as well recognized. But I loved it, it was one of my favorite TV Seasons of the past year and I cannot recommend it enough (click here to check out my review). Regardless it was still a bummer.

However, I wasn’t as actively mad about it as I was the Orange is the New Black vs. Modern Family controversy. I’ll be the first person to admit it: I haven’t seen EVERY episode of Orange is the New Black. Yeah, yeah I know save the judgment… There were a few episodes I missed, but I did see almost all of them, and those few are the only reason I haven’t reviewed it yet.

But Modern Family I have seen every episode of, and well, it really isn’t that special. At least not as special as it used to be.  I always thought of Modern Family as that show families could watch together after their tweens grew out of the Disney Channel and before they grew into Family Guy. I watched it through Season 3 (because that’s how far it was along after I first watched it) and I thought it was alright. I’d like to do a review on it, but I guess I’ll just summarize my thoughts here. Seasons One and Two were fine. 3/5’s. Then Season Three really enjoyed. 4/5. Then Season Four really underwhelmed me and a lot of it felt like filler. Still there were laughs and the cast carried it pretty well. 3/5. But this past season was really a mess. I don’t mean to complain about the show, but it was just sloppy and recycled almost all the time. I think there were two episodes I liked in the Season, and the one that stood out the most was the one where Haley went to dinner with Phil and Claire.   But other than that, everything in Season Five was something we had already seen before, whether it be in previous seasons of Modern Family, or elements from 30 Rock, or plotlines ripped straight from other ABC family-oriented shows. And the entire cast was phoning it in in this season also. It ultimately went downhill after already overwhelming me. I want to go easy on it, but ultimately Season Five is a 2/5.

So what’s the most logical decision? Give an Academy-favored show with a crap season this the award for being awesome over an awesome show that has Academy potential. Orange is the New Black has emotional, lots of neat humor, great characters played by capable actors and a script that amazed me. 4/5 or 4.5/5, I haven’t decided…

I guess I’m more mad at myself for thinking the Emmys might actually change for once, but nope. I now know that no matter what, any year Modern Family is nominated Outstanding Comedy Series, it will win. Ty Burrell is good in the show, I’ll say that. He deserve his award, but the show has lost the spark that originally had its appeal to families. You could argue I’m just past the age group it appeals to, but my mom and brother watch it, and I asked them to compare the seasons. Even they agree that Seasons One through Four were really good, but Season Five kinda tanked. So it isn’t just me!

It seems so dumb looking at me, because it is just comparing one TV show against another, but for a big fan of TV like me, you don’t just want to see Academy-favorites win because they’re Academy-favorites.

But don’t even get me started because every year Modern Family has been nominated (and subsequently won), Community has also been on the air and snubbed from even a nomination.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Emmys. Oh, I also think it’s hilarious how heavily promoted those 31 Netflix nominations were, and there was only 1/31 wins. What are your thoughts on Orange is the New Black and Modern Family? I’m really curious because not all opinions are the same. Let me know in the comments down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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