Selfie Review

In an attempt to review as many of the fall’s new shows as possible, I sat down with my brother the other day and watched the pilot of ‘Selfie’ premiering on ABC this fall.

The premiere episode of the show actually comes out online today, but since I have Charter On-Demand I was able to see it last week. You can watch the pilot through either if you’d like, but I’m here to tell you why that may not be a good idea.

I understood going in that I was probably not the demographic for this show, but said, “hey, let’s review it anyway!” And yeah, I’m not the demographic for this show at all. I won’t tell you who the show is aimed for (right now) but you can guess after this brief description.

Selfie is about this 20-something year old woman who is obsessed with social media and her phone and her boss who begins teaching her how to actually interact with people in the real-world. The premise of the show is derived from Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, which would be cool if it didn’t come off as annoying.

Let’s start with the cast. Karen Gillan is in the show as the main character, Eliza. She was really annoying. The show tries to do this thing, where at the very end, it feels like she’s this way for a reason, but she’s the most obnoxiously annoying person I’ve seen since last year’s pilot season. Karen Gillan is a fine actress, and she’s fine in this role, but the character is just written in this really strange way. If the show wanted the premise to show what a tech-savvy world we’re living in, they should have had John Cho’s character (her mentor) be the lead. If he was the main character and she was the supporting role, I feel like it would have worked a lot better, because John Cho is really good in Selfie. John Cho is pretty much jumping from network to network doing comedies now and he really does work in them. He plays almost the same role every time but it’s a good role that I would love to have more of. Especially in this show where his character has so much potential to be cool. He’s a guy that wants to go back to more of an analog time and that’s a really interesting premise in this digital savvy world. But then there are a few other characters who seem pointless and just make you forget that John Cho was cool in his role.

And the writing is extremely strange too. The writers seem to rely too heavily on social media jokes and how crazed everyone is with social media that it feels like we’ve been taken out of the experience.

I didn’t say Selfie ‘Pilot’ Review in the title because I don’t plan on watching/reviewing this show any further. Ultimately Selfie is a show that will cater to tween girls who liked Twilight and are as annoying as the lead character. The show’s premise is an interesting one, but it’s ultimately bogged down by bad writing and annoying characters. With one and a half good performances, this is a selfie you’re probably not gonna remember about twenty minutes after you watch it.



So guys, those are my thoughts on the pilot of Selfie, premiering on ABC on September 30th. If you guys have watched the pilot, what do you think about it, and do you plan on watching the show any further? Let me know in the comments down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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