Star Wars: The Force Awakens SPOILER-FILLED Thoughts


  • Spoiler alert!
  • If you guys haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then go on over HERE and check out my Spoiler-Free Review.
  • Then go on out to watch the movie, THEN you can come back here and read this!
  • There were some pretty specific things that I couldn’t talk about in my Spoiler-Free Review in regards to The Force Awakens, but now the movie has been out for a weekend, so I can talk about them.
  • Clicked away if you haven’t seen it? Cool.
  • You should’ve seen this thing by now… I’ve seen it twice already!!


  • From the opening crawl of this movie, I immediately loved it.
  • The whole “#WhereIsLuke” thing took over Facebook and Twitter for weeks, and I loved that the first line in the entire movie is, “Luke Skywalker has vanished.”
  • How perfect!
  • Plus that immediately introduces Luke as this McGuffin around whom plot will spin out, and it does.
  • Through this device of Luke and trying to find him, we’re introduced to Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren.
  • And these two have one of the most incredible opening sequences in any action movie I’ve seen in a while.
  • The opening set-piece on Jakku is insane when the First Order is wreaking havoc, and then OH MY GOD. KYLO REN STOPPED A LASER BLAST WITH THE FORCE.
  • I don’t know if that was as cool as Vision picking up Thor’s hammer, but it’s close…

Character Setup

  • But then we transition into meeting our other characters, including Rey and Finn. I was particularly fond of the introduction to Rey because (upon re-watch) it definitely seems like she’s being set up as the successor to Luke, whether she’s his daughter or not.
  • And Finn. I loved the immediate arc of right vs. wrong with him. They fleshed out his entire character in only like 2 scenes!
  • And that’s our basic setup.
  • The movie so brilliantly makes the setup really fascinating and simple yet impactful.
  • That is really hard to do, but J.J. Abrams did it.


  • Skipping ahead a little bit, I did have a little bit of a problem with Supreme Leader Snoke.
  • I liked that they set him up well in this movie, but it did seem like he was one of the things that wasn’t written too specifically, that way Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow can do what they want with him.
  • His appearance was okay too, like the way he looked seemed a little Voldemort/Gollum/Doomsday esque, but he’ll probably look fine once we get a full and better look at him.

Maz Kanata

  • Maz Kanata was a really cool character.
  • I heard some complaints that she looked too CGI, but she was actually exactly what I wanted to see from a motion capture character in this movie.
  • And she had so many interesting mannerisms and seemingly stories to tell, like where she got Luke lightsaber.
  • I feel like we’ll see her again, maybe in Episode IX or definitely in like a spinoff TV show somewhere down the line.

The Death of Han Solo

  • Personally, I thought they would kill Han Solo in Episode VIII.
  • We all knew he was gonna die eventually, but I thought they would give him another shot after this movie.
  • You could totally tell though, once he got to that bridge, you knew he was dead.
  • But it’s the fact that you still cared that made it worth it.
  • And that showed that Kylo Ren is now beyond redemption, he is on the dark side forever…

Luke Skywalker

  • The last thing I’ll talk about in these disjointed spoiler thoughts in Luke Skywalker.
  • I always assumed Luke, Han, and Leia would have smaller roles in the film and I was right about 2 of the 3.
  • Han was a bigger player than I thought and Luke was a smaller player than I thought.
  • I assumed he would be in the movie for about 10 minutes, but he wasn’t.
  • He was there for like 30 seconds.
  • But that was so perfect.
  • Now in Episode VIII, he’ll be training Rey and everything and… Awesome!!


  • There are rumors going around that Rey is Luke’s daughter, which I could buy into.
  • I could see that since Star Wars is the Skywalker story, that she would be a Skywalker. Kylo Ren also referenced an “island in an ocean” to her before. Maybe she had been on that island with Luke for a little bit while Kylo Ren was turning to the Dark Side?
  • The age split would work, and Luke could have just wiped her memory.
  • In watching the movie, you definitely get the feeling that Rey is someone remembering how to sue the Force, not someone learning to use the Force.
  • On the other hand though, she might not be Luke’s daughter at all because that would be too predictable. And at this point, it would be more of a shock for her not to be Luke’s daughter.
  • If she isn’t his daughter though, I hope she descended from a line of Sith, because Kylo Ren was Ben Kenobi and he came from a line of Jedi before turning bad. Now, if Rey came from a line of Sith, she could be the first one to turn good.
  • I just feel like they would have shown Rey’s parents if they were throwaway actors.
  • The fact that they didn’t means something!

In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion guys, those are my ramblings about Star Wars: The Force Awakens complete with spoilers!
  • Leave your thoughts in the comments below, spam with spoilers!
  • And as always, thanks for reading guys.

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