Josh Brolin is Cable in “DEADPOOL 2” & Jude Law is Dumbledore in “FANTASTIC BEASTS 2”!

My take on two quite interesting and quite important casting announcements!

Deadpool Comic-Con Trailer Review


  • Comic-Con this year man, putting out a ton of absurdly cool trailers!


  • Alright guys, so this weekend at Comic-Con a trailer for the X-Men spinoff Deadpool was shown and I was already excited for this movie before, but this trailer shows even more and makes you even more confident about the R-Rating.
  • (I’m not gonna do a post on the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer just cuz I didn’t watch any trailers before I saw Days of Future Past and I wound up loving that movie, so hopefully I get a repeat! And maybe I’m just superstitious…)
  • And yes, sorry but this is the best quality I could find. It’s pretty watchable though.

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