Emma Stone Sets “Love May Fail” As Next Project!


  • Hey Guys!
  • So typically I don’t cover every single piece of news that comes through the movie world, but there are occasionally some cool ones that I like to talk about.
  • This is one of them.
  • If you read the title, you might be wondering, “what’s Love May Fail? why’d Emma Stone join it? why’s John talking about it?”
  • I’ll address all of those!

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Silver Linings Playbook Review


  • Okay.
  • So you many of you guys have been reading a lot of my posts for over a year now, and you know that I have my sarcastic remarks and my witty quips, but I’m not typically a self-centered person, I’m typically pretty humble.
  • And I don’t like to be super into myself, but today’s my birthday!
  • And though 16 is big cuz, hey you can drive! Or 18 is big cuz, oh hey you can vote! I’ve been waiting to turn 17 for a while.
  • Because 17 is the age you have to be to get into R-Rated movies alone.
  • So as my boyhood turns to manhood in the movie-community, I thought I should do something really special.
  • So here is my review of Silver Linings Playbook, which is my single favorite film of all time.
  • I’m serious!
  • Oh, it’s also my 200th post on this site, so it’s double-special!

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