Stranger Things 2 Review

80’s nostalgia is BACK! and better than ever!!

Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Review

My take on the opening to much awaited Season 2 Premiere!

Stranger Things Season 1 Review


  • So if you guys haven’t heard by now, Stranger Things is a show that just dropped on Netflix.
  • And basically it takes place in 1983 and feels like Stephen King meets E.T. or Super 8 with more government secrets.
  • It follows this group of kids who are trying to solve a mystery, meanwhile there’s a lot of shady government stuff going on in a nearby lab.
  • It’s SUPER hard not to ruin this show, but I’m gonna do my best, and the short version of this review is: WATCH IT.
  • It’s only 8 Episodes, it’s on Netflix right now, have fun!

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