Ant-Man Trailer Review


  • Sorry for my 9-day gap there guys, my laptop has been in the shop and well, there hasn’t been a TON to talk about.
    • I’ll do a post in the next couple of day about some superhero directing news, but there isn’t much else to review at the time.
    • Better Call Saul Review will be out soon, and I’m watching Daredevil, so look forward to that.
  • But this Ant-Man trailer was really cool, and proves why I think it’s gonna be a hit.

Trailer Talk

  • First thing I liked about this trailer is that it actually showed us some stuff about the movie.
  • The teaser was interesting but it was basically just a bunch of okay-looking clips from the movie that were awkwardly spliced together.
  • But from this full-length trailer, you see more of the characters and what the movie will be as a whole.
  • First thing is those characters.
  • Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is seen a lot more in this trailer, and I like seeing that he;s a pretty normal guy, but he has been through a lot of crap in his time.  I think this will make him more relatable, and could make him a lot like Iron Man in that sense.
    • Which is something I picked up on in this trailer: when Scott is talking to Hank Pym, he feels like the new Tony Stark.  The Tony Stark of Phase 3, if you will.
  • I liked seeing an abbreviated look at Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket also.  After they released that teaser image of Yellowjacket I thought he was gonna be a cool villain.
    • Cuz he looks like an old Ultron dummy mixed with Ant-Man’s suit.
    • And having a villain that reflects some piece of you is what makes a villain good.
  • We haven’t seen a ton of Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym yet, but I assume they’re saving a majority of his character for the movie, and keeping him more of a mystery.
  • We don’t see a ton of Wasp either, but I think she’s gonna end up being a cool villain just from the few shots of the trailer she’s in.
  • Then we got some insight to the plot of this movie.
  • I really like that it seems to be like the original Iron Man with a heist element, meets comedic flare.
    • Not a comedy, but flare of comedy.  Just enough to not make it relief, but too little to keep it from being straight up slapstick.
  • If Ant-Man was just a regular superhero origin story with science elements and comic relief I would’ve thought it to be done well because it’s coming from Marvel.
  • Now that I see there’s a neat new spin on it, I’m even more invested now.
  • The fights look good, I love the Thomas the Tank Engine bit, and they showed the ‘Ant-Man runs up the barrel of a gun’ thing that apparently played at Comic-Con.
  • The action looks like it could be super quality, small-scale violence.

In Conclusion

  • In conclusion, I think that the new plot elements shown in this trailer look really cool, I like the more in-depth look you take at the characters (without spoiling anything), and I’m a fan of the action in the trailer.
  • Overall, Ant-Man was one of my most anticipated movies for this year and now I’m looking forward to it even more.
    • If they can touch up the awkward-feel to some of the jokes…


So guys, those are my thoughts on the new Trailer to Ant-Man!  What are your thoughts, and are you looking forward to this movie?  Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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