Why I’m Worried: Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe


  • Haven’t done one of these in who-knows-how-long.
  • As you all know, March is graveyard month of movies.
  • So in my attempts to keep you all entertained (and manage at least 8 posts on this site per month), let’s talk about a developing news story in the world of movies that’s pretty significant, and has just taken a dark turn…

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Why I’m Excited: FOX’s Gotham

I was thinking of doing a ‘Fall TV Preview’ post, where I would say my thoughts on each new show coming out on each network, but then I realized there are some I’m more excited for than others, and– wait… Don’t I have a segment where I exclusively talk about things I’m more excited for than others? I do! It’s seems like forever since I’ve done one of these, but regardless, I’ve been catching up on 24: Live Another Day on Fox.com, and they always play the promos for Gotham. So here is Why I’m Excited: Gotham.

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Why I’m Excited: Marvel Phase 3

After my 4 straight posts about TV shows, I decided it was time to do another Why I’m Excited bit. It’s only been a week and a half but it feels just too long! And it’s the perfect time because in the past few weeks, there have been a lot of back and forths and switcheroos and casting rumors, and enough to talk about Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Why I’m Excited: Star Wars Episode VII

Guys let’s face it: Star Wars Episode VII is probably gonna be pretty awesome.

It’s funny because we have every indication it won’t be, yet I, and most of the Internet, are still rooting for it. Seriously, if you break it down there are a lot of reasons this movie couldn’t succeed.

First let’s examine the prequel trilogy. I was one of those kids growing up who saw A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi first, so I could recognize that the prequels weren’t good. I, as a kid, knew Jar Jar Binks was the most annoying thing ever and that Hayden Christensen was a horrible human being. This could just be a repeat of the prequels!  (For a fun picture that completely summarizes the prequels, scroll all the way to the bottom!)

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Why I’m Worried: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

When I’m not reviewing shows or movies, or there’s no breaking news for you about what’s going on in the entertainment industry, I’ll bring a post entitled Why I’m Excited or Why I’m Worried: (Insert Movie Title Here). I was originally going to discuss the year of 2015, then the year of 2016, but while writing the 2016 post, I realized how much there is just to talk about for the sequel to Man of Steel alone.

Now when they announced there would be a sequel to Man of Steel I said: well duh.

This was meant to completely jump start DC’s film universe, and a month later, they actually found an even more clever way of doing so: putting Batman in the movie. I understood at that time that Christian Bale wouldn’t be in the sequel or Justice League, which was a bit of a loss, but I said: alright, this is DC’s chance to prove me wrong, maybe Bale isn’t the definitive Batman forever and ever.

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